A Camera Moment (Part I)

I am at an age when I really enjoy a nap in the afternoon. Actually, I have been at that age for quite some time, but have only been able to indulge in that ritual since retiring! Typically I will stretch out on my bed and bunch up a pillow so that my head is really comfortable, and within moments… zzzzzzzzzzzzz!

To really grasp the reason for this Post, I have to explain that my bed has a quilt which covers everything and so, in order to “bunch up” a pillow, I have to pull a part of the quilt back to expose the pillow. Makes sense right?

Yesterday, while I was sitting on the edge of my bed and working through my email InBox, Ray came to join me. This is not an unusual event because he clearly likes the comfort of my bed, and it is often a good vantage point for him.Β  This time was particularly convenient because, as Carol was in the next room, he could keep track of both of us. I would like to think that he is watching over us but, from past experience, it would seem more likely that he has a subconscious alarm which goes off when either one of us makes a move in the direction of the kitchen!

Anyway, he jumped up onto the bed; curled up, and was soon snoring.

As I worked away on my laptop, I was aware of his usual sleeping activities such as a stretch; a “shake a leg”, or an adjustment to his position. These are often accompanied with snuffles; soft grunts and other odd sounds all of which I ignore however, I will occasionally turn and look at him as he is so cute and “at peace with the world” (most of the time) when he is asleep. I can recall the sameΒ  feelings when my two children were really young andΒ  sleeping!

At one point, I turned to look at him and was totally overwhelmed with a “I need my camera” thought! It was hanging in its usual place on the inside of my closet door and I knew that, if I moved off the bed to get it, Ray would wake up and almost certainly change his position.

Carol was however in the next room, but out of sight. If I could get her attention, then she could perhaps quietly get her camera? How do I get her attention? If I call her, Ray will wake and change his position. My plan was to just continue working on my laptop, but keep watching my bedroomΒ  door opening just in case Carol got up to go anywhere… and then I could get her attention and by pointing towards Ray and mimicking taking a photograph, this moment could be captured.

After probably only 5 minutes, I heard a sound of movement from the other room and Carol passed very quickly across the door opening and out of sight. She would almost certainly be coming back so I waited… I had a plan!


20 thoughts on “A Camera Moment (Part I)

      • Wellll believe this or not I have not been able to respond to comments via my blog dashboard, thing-a-ma-jig so I had to back track and find your blog, the post, my comment and, your reply. I’m so sorry that I have not been on my computer very much and generally it is past 9-10pm when I finally get in bed and drag out my laptop.

        Now about who is the clever one. I have thoroughly assessed the situation πŸ™‚ and I’ve concluded that- it is a tie. You have honestly made me laugh over this one and how you wanted to get Carol’s attention. Ray is definitely the master of the household. I think you relinquished that title some time ago. πŸ™‚

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        • Well Yvonne, I really, REALLY, wish that I could disagree with you…. but history dictates otherwise and, as everybody involved seems to be happy, there would appear to be no reason to change anything! πŸ™‚

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