A Camera Moment (Part II)

Note: This Post was written yesterday but, as result of a question being presented to “Texas” (you know who you are!), I have been holding off hitting that Publish button. However, it is past noon here so… I can wait no more:

I have to digress a little here. I have always been interested in certain aspects of ourselves which defy tangible explanations. One example noted in an earlier Post was a sense of discomfort in somebody’s presence, which is generally explained as a 6th sense, intuitive response, or a result of subtle body language which our conscious self is overlooking, but our subconscious has picked up on it.

One that is significant to this Post is the ability to get attention by simply staring at somebody! This was perfectly demonstrated a couple of nights ago as we were returning from a “Ray walk”. As we came down our street, I noticed that one of our neighbors was in her front room and clearly working on her computer. She had horizontal blinds that were down, but tilted to a partially open position, and she was seated facing the same way that we were walking (therefore presenting a side view).

This lady has a good sense of humor and so I said to Carol “Let’s stop outside June’s house and stare at her. When she responds, we’ll just wave a greeting”! Everything worked exactly as expected. We stopped and stared and within a minute, she turned to look at us. I jumped up and down waving my arms around and she grinned and waved back… and we then moved on!

My plan with Carol was that as soon as she reappeared in the door opening, I would give her my best piercing, unnerving stare and, once I had her attention, the rest would be easy.

I heard her footsteps coming back and as soon as she appeared, I did my best stare possible! She totally ignored me and I heard her sit down on the sofa.

My sense of rational logic must have deserted me at that point because, knowing that if I called her, Ray would wake up and almost certainly change his position, I somehow thought that snapping my fingers would achieve a different result. It didn’t! Ray lifted his head up to see what was going on; re-positioned himself and dozed off again!

So why all the interest? Ray has often gone to sleep on my bed and stretched out to his full length (which is quite significant) and he has sometimes curled up with his head at the pillow end. This time however was quite different in that he was laying full length (the way I would) and with his head actually on my pillow (the way I would). This is not particularly unusual in itself however, he had somehow rolled the quilt back to expose just enough of the pillow to support his head (the way I would). I am guessing that he was probably getting his front legs organized and accidentally caught the quilt with his claws but, of course, he could simply be a natural mimic!

I now just need to show him how to “bunch up” pillows and his education will be complete!



18 thoughts on “A Camera Moment (Part II)

  1. I’m so sorry that I had not responded to your question earlier. But I explained the situation in the previous post a bit ago. I have not the remotest idea of why the replies and likes to my comments are not responding as they should. I see them but they will not open up. I’ve had glitches in WP before but this is a new one.

    Anyhow there will be a next cute photo opportunity, I’m almost sure. Ray loves your bed possibly more than you do. I laughed aloud as I read the part about bunching up the pillow. I would not put it past him to paw at the pillow to make it just right.

    Your dog has way too many smarts and I think he could put lots of folks to shame. šŸ™‚ I’m speaking for myself of course. šŸ™‚

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    • I too would not be surprised if it was deliberate as he so often sleeps with his head elevated on something… we shall see no doubt one day and, hopefully, I will either have my camera ready… or at least remember that my laptop and iPod are both capable of taking pics!

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  2. I would say he is a natural mimic, just like his owner having natural wit šŸ™‚ And wish you could have got a picture! Since I thought for sure by the title there would be a picture! But there is always a next time. Don’t snap your fingers next time, use them to email or text Carol! Using technology can get great things accomplished šŸ™‚ just saying….

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