Ray adjusting.

While Carol continues to make slow but steady progress in hospital, Ray is gradually adjusting to the fact that she is not around.

For the time that Carol has not been here, he has limited his walks to either our community mail boxes, or to the park close by. Then he would head straight for home where he would check out the cars in our driveway, presumably for any scent of Carol. When he was back in the house, he would go all around sniffing busily, and paying special attention to Carol’s bedroom door (which is closed)!

Yesterday was, however, quite different. We set of as usual and, as it was too early to check for mail, I let him pick the route. He headed straight for the park.  This was, I thought, going to be typical of his recent walks where he goes into the park and poops, and then heads for home. This time, Instead of turning around and heading back in the direction of home, he continued through to the other side of the park.

When we reached a road he stood still, and was very clearly waiting for me to take him across it. We crossed over and he was back on some sort of mission as he seemed to be heading for the lake!

There is a trail alongside the lake which leads to the west end of Oakville and the harbor, and Ray has walked that trail many times. This was where we ended up! He followed the trail to its end but, despite me coaxing him to go to Lululemon and the bank, he was obviously thinking more about Carol as he ignored the down town core and started picking his route for home.

I was pleased to see that he was once again happily taking longer walks, but a little saddened that he still felt the need to rush home and check… just in case. I can imagine that he will have totally adjusted to a life without Carol at about the same time that she will be coming home!

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  1. Any chance he could visit her in the hospital? Maybe in an outside garden? I would be missing my boys pretty badly after a few days! 😟

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    • Hi Ilex. Difficult at the moment because it is a brand new hospital (so still fine tuning the facilities), and Carol is not physically stable enough to be allowed out of her area. To compound things even further, I am not sure that I would want Ray there because when Carol left to go back to her room, he would become very distraught!

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