Coming home?

At the time of writing this (8:30am July 6), I am expecting a phone call any minute from Carol saying “Come and pick me up!”. Hospitals seem to like discharging patients in the morning, presumably because that gives them time to prepare for afternoon admissions.

To plan for this, Ray went on his walk this morning at just after 7:00am and immediately made it clear that he wanted to go downtown and the Lululemon store. Given that the store does not open until 10:00am, I anticipated that this would be a quick visit which it was to some degree. He stood at the door staring into the empty store and not comprehending what he was seeing. As is his routine, he then went into his sit position to see if that made any difference, which of course it did not…. but he gets 10/10 for effort!

When he had grasped the fact that no Lululemon biscuits were in his immediate future, I gave him a couple of treats and he reluctantly joined me as we headed for home.

It is unfortunate that, just when he is getting used to leaving home for a considerable length of time, I rather suspect that Carol’s return home (with her current significant limitations of movement) will put him right back to a week ago. As Carol will not be able to walk him for some time, I am expecting a lot of resistance when I try! Carol disappeared once, and I do not think that he is going to let that happen again!


26 thoughts on “Coming home?

  1. I have learned that Normal is just a setting on the wash machine 😉 So glad that you can be together again! Praying that Carol can continue to make a full recovery. Thankful to that you both felt surrounded by kindness and love over this time. That’s the way it should be! Yup, still hope!

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  2. Maybe wether or not he leaves could depend on if it’s after 10am, try using fresh chicken or hot dog treats. Or if Ray is on a diet, as most dogs are after the age of three, use fresh sugar snap peas, carrot or apple cuts to lure him out. Ray and you still need your walk. 😀

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  3. Wonderful news on Carol coming home! Yes, Ray probably won’t take his eyes off of her! Good Luck!
    Ray does deserve a A for his persistence earlier in waiting anxiously for a treat.
    I know a thing or 2 about persistence, its hard work! 😉

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