Turkey Time – Part 2

This time, the bag of shredded turkey meat was thawed well in advance of the planned walk!

I had the bag on the counter in full view of Ray, and got his harness ready to loop over his head. He was not too enthusiastic and did his usual head turn (to avoid it being dropped over his head); wandered around the house and then back to me where he became very cooperative. (He! He! Got him!)

I thought it an opportune time to remind him how yummy turkey meat is, so I gave him some! I then attached his leash (this was going to be so easy!) and went to the back door; opened it and stepped outside. Ray was clearly not going to letΒ  me get away with his bag of turkey in my pocket!

I went down our steps and through the gate onto our driveway… and Ray was right alongside me (Yes!). I gave him another piece of turkey meat and continued down the driveway with Ray happily trotting next to me. We got a little over half way down the driveway when he stopped! I stood and waited for a few moments to see what he was going to do… but nothing. He just stood there looking at me!

I tried to walk away, but as soon the 6ft of leash was tight, he simply braced himself.Β  I had a plan however! I would take out the bag of turkey meat from my pocket and tease him a little with it. That would surely get him moving again, and it did…. about another 6-8ft down the driveway but then he not only stopped, but also went into his braced sit position. In that position he cannot be moved!

The last thing he needs to learn is that if he voluntarily sits long enough, he will get treats. IΒ  walked around him and, as soon as I was facing the back of our driveway, he got up and headed past me and clearly going to the back gate. I opened the gate and he dashed up the steps and waited for the back door to be opened!

Perhaps this evening he will remember the yummy turkey that he could have had yesterday. Perhaps this evening he will agree to a reasonable length walk?


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