We did it!

Yes we did it!

Ray and I managed to go to our mailbox! (It is a community mailbox system here).

Day 3 of the challenge to get Ray to the mailbox proved successful and because of a rather obvious solution. A bag of turkey pieces was thawed out as before. Also as before, Ray eventually cooperated with getting his harness on him. Just as before he was clearly hesitant about leaving the home, so what made him change his mind?

Carol decided to come with us! She managed without any obvious issues and used the “walker” for security and “just in case” reasons. Ray dutifully followed very closely and seemed to watch her every move, until he came to a really interesting tree trunk. By the time that he had checked out all the scents around that area, Carol was well down the road which caused him to panic a little and generally try and drag me along to catch up with her!

Other than a concern that Ray was so close to Carol at times that I thought he might trip her up, everything worked out really well!


Today we put him in the car and drove to a local nursery. He loves nurseries, with the various scents of plants, and behaved very well while we looked around. As is usual, he drew some attention from a number of people who asked about his breed background, and the young ladyΒ  on the checkout made a lot of fuss over him. He has always been more receptive to the attention of women rather then men, and there is no doubt something in his past which would explain that.

All we know is that he loves (and gets) the attention of women. He loves them even more if they have treats! Way to go Ray. In my next life, I want to be a dog just like you! πŸ™‚



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