Imagine… just imagine!

Just imagine that this morning you woke up at 5:00am (like me). Just imagine that you went downstairs and did some work on the computer (like me). Just imagine that, like me, you felt really tired around 5:45 and so went back to bed. Now imagine….

You are suddenly awake, but why? You feel for the button on the clock sitting on the side table and you see that it is 6:15am, so you roll over and have every intention of going back to sleep. You find yourself listening to the rhythmic sound of the water flowing from the filter into the fish tank, and you start dozing off… but then you hear it!

You hear a distant and unhurried click click click click sound. The sound of dog claws on hardwood flooring, and you wonder where he is going at this time of the morning. It stops, and you start dozing off again.

Click click click click and this time they are definitely getting louder, but then (again) they stop and you know that he is somewhere quite close. What is he doing?

Click click click click and getting even louder when, again, they suddenly stop. You cannot resist any longer so you turn over, lift your head just enough to clear the bed covers, and there he is. You can see his shape clearly silhouetted in the bedroom door opening, and it would appear that he is looking directly at you.

He does not make a sound so you roll over and decide to get some more sleep time after all, Ray knows that he gets his breakfast around 7:30-8:00am. You are wondering why he is not sleeping also but then, he no doubt has his reasons, but you start to doze off anyway when…

Click click click click and he is clearly in your room. Click click click click and he is making his way around the far side of the bed. and getting closer and closer.. and then stops.

You roll over to face him and, in the darkened room, see this!sleep 1No sooner do you realize how close he is, when he reaches forward and bumps noses with you!

He clearly wants something so you get dressed and then follow an excited Ray through the house and to the backdoor. You open the door and Ray goes charging out and across the garden, where has a humungous pee! Within moments, heΒ  was in another part of garden and squatting, after which he rushes back to the house!

It’s now almost 7:00am and you are very much awake, as is Ray has he looks at you and then at his food bowl, and then back to you! So you give him his breakfast!

That was exactly how my morning developed. How was yours?


24 thoughts on “Imagine… just imagine!

  1. Kali’s signal is heavy panting. “Huh, huh, huh, huh…”. She can pretty much hold her pee forever but once she gets it in her head that if I get up it’s show time (breakfast) her panting is relentless. Occasionally she will give up and hit the ground with a groan, but usually once that panting starts I know it’s all over. Kloe on the other hand – now also able to hold her pee for ever – is awake with first light and comes to the side of the bed and lays her chin next to me. I pretend I’m asleep and she begins to lick my arm or whatever she can reach. It;s a good thing Holly and I are early risers by nature!

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  2. Coincidently I had a similar rude awakening this morning but without nose bump. Mine was only somewhat different in that it started with a ‘let’s jump in the middle of mom’s stomach after tromping over dad’s body and chicken wing her bad shoulder.’ *Sigh* Still I had to smile at the sweet cuddle job (following the outside interlude in the brisk morning stillness) even if it was at 3:45 am. πŸ˜‰

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  3. I am VERY lucky, because our dog wakes up my husband for her early morning potty break and breakfast! She comes to me for almost everything else, but goes to him for that. And I thank her for it every day, and give her a nice treat for it, too!

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  4. Ah, the early morning nose to nose stare, it never fails πŸ™‚ This morning we were woken by our weekday 5.30am alarm of the young guy across the road starting his very noisy car to go to work. I’d rather have a cat jump-start me, personally, but we’re stuck with the car for now 😦

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    • One of Ray’s early lessons was that demanding with barking served no purpose. Nudging, or paw touching may be different, and patiently waiting always works. I just gave him his dinner, which is about 30-45 mins later than usual, and he was just sitting nearby quietly waiting! πŸ™‚

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