Ray makes a splash!

Our weather gave us a few days of more amiable conditions and so that, together with Carol’s ability to walk further, made us decide to take Ray downtown and then loop back via the lakeside trail. Everything worked out really well and, once we were on the trail, Ray became very excited and started pulling towards the water!

He has been in the lake a number of times in the past, but has always displayed reservations when the water touches his stomach. On this particular day the waves were a little higher than usual, but that did not stop his enthusiasm! Unfortunately, we did not have Ray’s “long leash” with us and, given that he had to remain attached to a leash (our local Law and Ray’s questionable deep water ability), some fast decisions had to be made.

2016 09 03CR1

It became immediately obvious that for Ray to chase and catch waves, while being limited by 6 feet of leash, dictated me wading in with him!

2016 09 03CR2

He had so much fun charging in to bite a wave, and then rushing out.

2016 09 03CR3

It was unfortunate that due to the leash limitations, and his overall exuberance, he was constantly his maximum distance with a tight leash. Regardless, he had a lot of fun and happily trotted home alongside me… while I “squelched” with every step I took!


42 thoughts on “Ray makes a splash!

  1. What a joy to see our “kids” happy and care free! I’ve had a similar experience with Kali on the short leash when I wished we had the long one so that she could have gone out into the lake farther. Kloe hasn’t had the experience yet but she absolutely loves water so it should be a lot of fun once that day comes…

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    • Easily! If I could have given him the freedom of a longer leash, I would have gone out further with him. The problem in that area is the lake bed being small flat and quite mobile stones, so the footing is precarious. An excited Ray only 6 feet away is a constant challenge to staying upright!

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  2. Even on the short leash it looks like a good time!

    Izzy came over for a visit yesterday and promptly got in the algae-covered pond. That necessitated a bath.

    She then proceeded to jump in the pond a second time (post-bath) so as to necessitate a second bath. Needless to say, some people were not terribly enthused by this behavior.

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  3. Hahaa, I know that squelching feeling / sound only too well. Genis loves to swim in the lagoon even on the coldest days – usually when I’m wearing gumboots. The dogs swim off leash here and they love it. Love playing in the water as a group as well. Ray is on to a good thing there.

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