Not that long ago…

We are fast approaching Ray’s 4th anniversary of his rescue from a life as a stray, and inevitably we look back at our early photos of him.

Below is the earliest one, that we are aware of, being his initial photo for adoption purposes.


Now we fast forward to a few days ago, and see a quite different scene.


Apart from a more congenial setting, he has filled out a little; has a wonderfully soft and shiny coat; is not averse to us giving him a human-style hug and will initiate affection. Some of my more recent Followers may be interested in the video we did of him to celebrate his 1st anniversary of being rescued:

What more could we have possibly asked for? November 2012 was a lucky time for Ray, just as March 2013 (when we adopted him) was a lucky time for us!

38 thoughts on “Not that long ago…

  1. Aw that video was lovely, yous are both so very lucky to have found each other 😀 Also agree with the others that the change in body language from his shelter photo to now is such a big difference – he is such a settled and happy pup with you guys 🙂

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  2. I am so glad you found Ray and he has a safe, loving home! I am so excited to receive your book and find out more about your story with him. 🙂
    (I had a really hard time reading the words on the video-they are not very clear. Just thought I would mention, not sure if you or someone can fix it)

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