Ray’s new toy?

On a walk the other day, I noticed a small ball on the side of the road which I immediately picked up and dropped into a bag that I had with me.Β  We have accumulated more tennis balls like that than most of the local tennis clubs own, and all for Ray’s pleasure! This ball was different in not only color, but it was also a little smaller!

When we arrived home, Carol threw it across the back garden and almost 80lbs of fur immediately went flying (?) after it!

But it didn’t last for long!

After wandering around the garden (probably checking out squirrel, chipmunk and cat scents) he eventually went into the typical Ray mode…… super chill, with new ball close by!


You would be forgiven if you were thinking that Ray was protecting that ball. We could have taken it very easily, and all he would have done was watch us!

36 thoughts on “Ray’s new toy?

  1. Bless. It’s great to watch dogs play, especially the bigger ones llike Ray who was having so much fun! We often used to come across ‘dead’ tennis balls in the woods, and it was a while before we discovered the culprit, a chocolate lab that would play with them until they split, and then leave them alone. We have progressed slightly (?) by finding an array of golf balls on our walks here, and know exactly who they belong to……… one cock-a-poo called Hugo who has recently moved in up the road, and Maggie is totally besotted with him (the tart!).

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