What a memory!

As many of you already know, when Ray goes out for his walk, he invariably has a destination in mind. He is not uncooperative if we steer him in another direction, because he simply focuses on a new destination…. and there are many possibilities around here!

The other day we headed for our downtown area, and so received absolutely total enthusiasm from Ray as that presented a number of opportunities. Once he knew that we would be passing Lululemon, the expected happened. The leash went tight and Ray was on a mission, until he saw the Lululemon biscuit bowl outside the store and empty! He didn’t seem to know quite what to do except look at the bowl, and into the store!

In probably less than a minute, one of his lady friends at the store saw him and came out to greet him. As soon as she saw the empty bowl, she told Ray to wait while she went to get some more biscuits. I think he understood the situation perfectly because he went into a sit position and waited. Moments later she was back and gave him two whole biscuits (they were quite big) and lots of attentionΒ  after which we moved on.

As we started to work our way back through town, and in the general direction of home, Ray started pulling and once again he was on a mission… but where were we going?. Our curiosity got the better of us and so we followed him along a back street until he made a turn onto a small side street and stopped. We were looking around for some obvious explanation, but then he turned and went up some steps to a store that was in the house design and renovation business!! In typical Ray fashion, he sat down on the top step and stared through the glass door! He was clearly puzzled about something!

Carol suddenly remembered that we were here perhaps a year or more ago, and this store used to be The Candy Cupboard. It had quite a broad selection of candies and packaged snacks, and included many of U.K. origin. The gentleman that owned the store had invited us in and had no problem with Ray joining us. While there was nothing in there that we would buy for Ray, his nose was probably processing all the wonderful smells that filled the store.

I just checked and the last time we were there was in December 2014 – see link below!


What a memory!

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  1. Ms. Elsa is demonstrating her lock on the GPS location of every squirrel in the neighborhood she’s seen. They may conveniently forget certain commands (when it suits their agendas) but squirrels and treats are solidly burned into their brains! Too funny that Ray.

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