Here we go again….

When Ray and I went out this morning, the thermometer was showing 0C/32F.

It’s that time of year again when we do the “wardrobe/closet shuffle”! However, while the snow is “just around the corner”, we are still appreciating the various shrubs and trees which make Fall so colorful.

On a walk along the lakeside trail the other day, we stopped on a hill which overlooks Oakville’s harbor entrance and part of the sailboat moorings.


Ray is really enjoying the drop in both the temperature and the humidity but then, knowing how I feel on a really hot and humid day, that should be no surprise.

Contrary to what many people do here, we will celebrate Winter when it arrives. Of course we have to dress for the extreme temperatures but, when the snow comes, Ray will no doubt have fun chasing and catching snow balls and, with exception of the few times when he must wear his boots, he will have such a bounce in his stride once again!

We will be playing new games like “Find my poop!” I am really hoping that Ray remembers his habit of the last two Winters where he responded to “Where’s your poop buddy? Show me!”  by taking me to a hole in the snow and pointing with his nose! Such fun! Yes… we will be celebrating our Winter very soon.

32 thoughts on “Here we go again….

    • Assuming you mean Winter? Like everything else in life, you have choices. You can choose to embrace Winter, or you can choose to dread it. Given that it is inevitable, and neither you nor I have any control over it, it would seem to me that embracing it is the logical choice!
      I look forward to the fresh snowfalls covering every where in white – the Scotch laced coffee about half way through clearing the driveway – watching Ray circumvent piles of snow… until he needs to poop – watching Ray climb up to the top of a snowbank in order to poop! – checking out icicles as Winter progresses – snuggling up when there is fierce storm outside – knowing that there are no mosquitoes to bite me – no gardening to do. There is so much to love about Winter, and Spring will be here soon enough so enjoy it! 🙂

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      • Yes, you are right, of course! And I do enjoy many things about winter. I am just not fond of being cold, and each year as I grow older, I seem to be a little colder. But I would never want to live on a tropical isle where there are no season changes … there is something to love in every season. Thanks for reminding me … too much political writing is turning me into a cynic, I think. 🙂

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  1. Well, Ray, you got one up on Lexi. Her whole life, I tried to get her to help me find the poop in the big dog lot, but she would never cooperate. It was like, “You want my poop so bad, I did my part and left it for you.”

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    • Ray used to eat his own poop when he first moved in with us. One theory was that he was hiding any evidence of him being around! A habit from that developed such that one of us always tries be out with him when he poops, although he seems to be quite content now to just watch us bag it! 🙂

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    • Autumn is generally so short here that we must enjoy every moment. As for Winter? We can choose to enjoy whatever comes our way…. or we can choose not to. Pretty obvious decision from my perspective (and certainly from Ray’s)!


    • For me, as long as my body is warm, by legs can tolerate quite a bit, but at around 12C/55F I am thinking jeans! Short sleeves for me are questionable around 15C/60F…. unless I am doing something really energetic!


  2. Ah, the transition weather time can be difficult. Our closet was stuffed with the outwear of two seasons until the snow arrived. Unlike Ray, Bailey refuses to wear paw protectors. She prefers to tackle the job of snow chunk build up on her paws herself. Does Ray enjoy digging in the snow? Bailey can’t get enough of helping with snow removal curtesy of her big paws.

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    • Ray’s feelings are rarely considered re boots. Chemicals are spread freely on our sidewalks, together with salt, which together presents considerable discomfort to Ray. As soon as he starts holding a foot off the ground, his boots go on! As for playing? He likes to chase snowballs, but is very uncertain about snow drifts/piles. He will climb them (usually to poop on the very top) , but then he’ll panic a little when his feet sink into the snow. We’re working on him! 🙂

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