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I have noticed quite a number of new Followers over the past couple of months… which is very nice of course. It did cross my mind however that those recent Followers, and some of you “less recent” people, have probably never seen Ray’s first 2 videos. Links are below:

Video #1 – This was Ray’s debut into the video “stills” business, and was basically an introduction to him. It was created very close to the 1st anniversary of his rescued date.

One thing that none of you will have known, because I have never offered the information before this Post, is that the background music is my composition, and is a musical “interlude” from “Crescent Moon” which was originally written as a song.

Video #2 – Resulted from a request by Ray’s vet to do a public relations/awareness video about heartworm prevention.

Given that he has also featured in our local paper (The Oakville Beaver) a couple of times, he is slowly becoming a local celebrity!

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