It started late yesterday evening as a rather fine snow and continued as such through the night so, by this morning, there was a reasonable ground covering (about 1″). Now it has turned to large snow flakes and they are forecast for all day so it sounds very promising!

When Ray went out around 7:45am, he went charging down our steps; skidded around the corner of the house, and then just took off around the garden! He was so excited to be running through snow, that I am sure we’ll be out in it a few times today!

The video below was very impromptu, but it does capture some of his excitement!

38 thoughts on “WOOT! WOOT! BOL! BOL!

  1. I don’t know which I liked better: Ray hopping in circles or his tail brushing the snow off the trees in his wake. It is currently 71F here and Lucy and I are on the patio loving every minute of it.

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  2. Be careful what you wish for. Out here in CA in the Sierras we have had so much snow. Decks are collapsing and roof loads are hitting their limits. Glad you posted the video of Ray playing in the snow. It does look like lots of fun for him. Will he be wearing his snow booties around town on his walk?

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