What about breakfast?

I was out with Ray this morning at around 7:45am for his “usual routine”, and thought that perhaps he would stand still long enough for me to get a good picture of him. It clearly was not going to happen so I did the best I could, but was then thwarted by the camera deciding a flash was necessary… which slowed down the whole process. The results were a series of pics where Ray was only partially in the frame when the flash went off and, in some cases, a blur of activity (literally!). I could fiddle with the flash settings, but what to do with Ray? I had my left hand in my coat pocket and felt two treats!

“Ray! Treat buddy” and over he came to see if I was serious at that time of the morning. I gave him one treat, and then asked him to wait. He turned and wanderedΒ  off!

“Ray! Treat buddy!” Back heΒ  came with his expectant look. With my camera atΒ  the ready – “Just wait buddy. Just wait!” and the pic was taken.

Ray’s expression says it all “Where’s my treat… and what about breakfast?”


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