Almost Summer?

While we technically have all four seasons here, our Spring can be very brief. I seem to recall years when we went from Winter to Summer over the course of a weekend! Having a Friday at -10C/14F followed by a Monday at 20C/68F is a bit of an adjustment, but it can happen.

We are not in that situation just yet however, we have recently gone from -5C/23F to 18C/65F … over night! Our 18C was yesterday so we took Ray down to the lake!

We were unprepared for his enthusiasm!

Historically Ray has loved the lake but, when the water touches his stomach, he is rather apprehensive.  Is it the cold water, or is he nervous about a sense of buoyancy? Of course we don’t know however, yesterday he went into the lake as far as his regular leash allowed, which did allow the water to reach his stomach, and seemed excited to try and go further!  We should have brought his long leash!

As soon our weather, and the lake, warms up a bit more, I’ll no doubt be wading out into the lake with him just to see what he does in the deeper water! Before that happens though… we have possible snow in our forecast for later this week. Goodbye Summer teaser; so long newly arrived Spring; hello again Winter – don’t you have somewhere else to go around this time of year?


31 thoughts on “Almost Summer?

  1. My son has been taking Riley to his friend’s house, who lives on the lake. I will have to post some pics of Riley having a ball running through the water. Your water looks much cleaner, though. So glad Ray is enjoying it!

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  2. I love seeing Ray all excited about being in the water. Pepper (the only dog I ever had) fell into our pool when he was a puppy, so he was scared of water. When we would go to lakes, he would, with much trepidation…inch into the water….and go about half a foot….and he would be SO proud of himself that he would get all excited and run all over the place! Those pictures reminded me of that! Have a great day you guys! 😊

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  3. Ah yes, roller -coaster of seasons. They are wild here as well. It’s so much fun just watching our animals when they are enjoying themselves. They are just like children, romping and playing.

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  4. Around here spring is the shortest season too, sometimes missing us completely. Perhaps Ray is just fed up with winter too. He’s longing for cookies in those dog-friendly sidewalk cafes. Can’t say I blame him although you won’t catch me in lake water anytime soon.

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