Friend or Guard?

Yesterday evening, we had finished our dinner and were watching the TV news as is our habit. As soon as Ray is satisfied that our evening “rituals” are complete, he will go over to “his” chair and curl up… but not yesterday. For some reason he decided to surprise us, and me in particular! Those are my legs and feet in the pics!

I could be quite touched at the show of affection, or quite perturbed that he was making sure I couldn’t move without him knowing about it!  Thoughts anybody?

37 thoughts on “Friend or Guard?

    • Hi Amy – We’ll get the tail wag sometimes if we talk to him… especially if he recognizes food words! We get serious vocals if “the pack” separates for a while, and a resounding reception later! He also licks our hands regularly, and tries to reach our face if one of us been away for awhile (and he can reach that height without too much effort!). He has brought us a toy, but that is very rare event. He rolls over for a tummy rub without too much provocation! Sitting close, or curling up alongside us? Yup! I think he likes us! 🙂

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  1. Awh!! An affectionate gesture for sure, BUT I believe both thoughts are correct.
    He wanted to show some extra affection but at the same time remind you that he still rules! I think he was smirking in his sleep. 😉

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