Poor Ray (Follow-up)!

We recently walked Ray to our Humane Society so that he could see his friends there (and wear him out a little as it a 45 minute walk to get there!).

We decided to detour through our downtown area on our way back home which would take us past Ray’s favorite places. (He is so spoiled!), and it soon becameΒ  obvious that the Lululemon store that was being renovated was once again in business! Much to Ray’s delight, not only was there a bowl of water outside, there was large bowl full of biscuits!

Ray happily sat while I took a biscuit from the bowl and gave it to him in pieces, and then we moved on. Further down the road was the temporary Lululemon store (that had nothing for dogs the last time we were there). The store was now empty, but Ray knew exactly what used to be at that location. Of course he does not understand that our downtown can only support one Lululemon store and so…..“I know I have the right store… and it still smells of Lululemon… and I know that somebody is in there… so…”

This has to be the first time that Ray has used his charm and received nothing in return!

He was not unhappy though having had his earlier biscuit which was pretty big!

24 thoughts on “Poor Ray (Follow-up)!

  1. Well THAT certainly explains why there was no biscuit bowl at the first location last week. ::whew:: Lululemon is still on the good dog list!

    I had a Shih Tzu in NYC that came across a big box of fast-food chicken that somebody had dropped on the street – gobbling an entire piece before I could get it away from him and toss it in the trash. Until he died, he always checked out the “chicken-find place” on every single walk.

    Optimism indeed and the willingness to abandon all the assumptions that often keep us mere humans from going after what we want.
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  2. So funny!

    My office moved next door from its old location maybe a year and a half or two years ago – we were only in our first office for 8-10 months, but Choppy still looks at the door when we go by on our way to the new office, as if she thinks we might go back into the old office.

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