Just a pretty picture!

What a different Ray from 2012. Back then, he was a stray and scavenging for survival. He was a prime target for passing insects, including heart-worm carrying mosquitoes, and he had to be always on the alert for other predators.

Today, he has a home and a secure garden where he can chill out for as long as he wants to, and as often as he wants to. He is medically in good health, and has regular checkups and meds as necessary to keep him that way. He is also no longer alone, but has friends in so many places within a 45 minute walking distance from his home.

The pic below was taken yesterday. I think that he is having a good life now!

Love you buddy! Enjoy the peace and general tranquility of your garden!

48 thoughts on “Just a pretty picture!

  1. Ray was a good dog “in the raw” who deserved a chance to be a marine, er, I mean to be all that he could be. Right? And you and Carol gave him that chance with lots of wonderful training and food and meds and especially love. Three cheers for all of you.

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    • Hi Dana – He is a wonderful addition to our family, although his first 18 months with us were a bit of an emotional roller-coaster (hence my/his book “Who Said I was up for Adoption?”). Many thanks for commenting. 🙂

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    • Hi Ron. I often get the same way when I think about his earlier life (what little we knew about it) but, based on the way he treats us, I am pretty sure that he really appreciates living here! Hopefully he will have many more years with us. 🙂


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