Ray and Rocky!

Ray has a friend who lives just around the corner. He (Rocky) is a black Shepherd X with a rather disconcerting habit of greeting other dogs at high speed! We’re used to him, and Ray just waits for him to come to an emergency stop and say “Hi!” His owner is very fond of Ray and gives him really good treats on a regular basis (their home is on our route to our mailbox)!

The other day, we were approaching their driveway just as their car was pulling out. Rocky’s Mom waved and explained that she was taking him down to the lake for a swim. We continued on our way to check our mailbox.

Coming back, Ray had a cursory sniff around the front of their property and seemed to conclude that neither Rocky, nor any imminent treats, were likely to appear and so he wandered along very amicably beside us… until we got to the turn onto our street.

Ray decided that going home was not his choice at that time and, as we often let him lead in those circumstances (it’s always interesting to see what he has in mind!), we decided to do just that!

Ray was tugging on the leash as he headed off down the road, which is the route that Rocky’s car would have gone. It did not seem to take him very long to realize that his mission was rather pointless, and he turned around and headed back towards our street.

We were fully expecting an uneventful walk home but, once again, he made it quite clear that he did not want to turn onto our street! Our curiosity got the better of us and so, once again, we let Ray take the lead. He took us directly back to Rocky’s home!

Poor Ray must have been quite disappointed that the car was not there, but I have to admire him for persevering and covering all the possibilities, even though the chance of success was minimal.

Perhaps you’ll be more successful this evening buddy?

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  1. That is so cute! I love how lucky Ray is that you have the time and love to follow his lead! You are both so lucky to have each other! Hope he gets to see Rocky later! It is soooo hot hear to walk!

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