Assumptions… and Ray!

Early this morning, Ray gave me reason to contemplate how much I (we) take things for granted. We just assume so many things, which diminishes their significance.

Some of you are no doubt assuming that your employer will pay you at the end of this month, and will also be assuming that there is continued employment through next month! Unless you have a current issue at work, I would suggest that making those assumptions is understandable, although do you really appreciate the importance of your employment? I assume that my pension will appear on schedule every month, which is basically the same thing.

Applying assumptions to other aspects of our lives becomes a little more interesting!

I am creating this Post on the assumption that my laptop and all the associated technology will allow me to publish it, and that people will read it.Β  I would suggest that this is a reasonable assumption because my laptop is working fine; the internet service here is very stable, and the history of my Blog would suggest that visitors will come and read the Post.

Let’s now get a little more personal! I will be booking a flight to Vancouver soon to spend time with my daughter. Without even addressing the risk factors of traveling to/from two airports and the flight in between, I am making an assumption that I will still be alive then. Given Melanie’s health status, I am also assuming that she will be around for me at that time! Again, I would suggest that it is a reasonable approach because it is simply planning around a positive future. To assume worst case scenarios would dictate doing nothing for fear of the risk factors, and that means (to me) no life!

So many assumptions are simply a response to positive outlook thinking, and I see that as nothing more than a healthy approach to life…. so what is this Post about, and how did Ray get into the subject line?

Those of you who have elderly parents, and/ or siblings, and/or friends who perhaps you do not see as often as you could, may well be assuming that they will be around next year. That assumption could well be seriously flawed. Regarding a friend that lives a relatively short drive away, but your life has been just too busy to go and visit (or call), you may wish to adopt Nike’s “Do It Now” motto. Later may simply be too late!

Making assumptions would seem to lead to a lack of appreciation in so many ways. We live in a small town on the outskirts of a large city, and are surrounded by around 6-7 million people, and yet our town has a history which has been preserved relatively well, and we are located on the shores of Lake Ontario. Perhaps calling our town “rural” would be stretching the imagination a little, but it is a lovely town (Trivia: The cover photograph for my “Just Thinking” book was taken from a place about 10 minutes walk from our home). So often we find ourselves caught up in the dictates of our daily lives that we totally forget how fortunate we are to live here It is so easy to just take everything for granted and assume that “the norm” will continue but yet, aren’t our lives so much richer when we “stop and small the roses”?

Without Ray, we would miss out on so many things because taking him on his walks is simply a “stop/start” program where we have many opportunities to look around; to meet people, and to admire gardens. Because he loves to go down town, it is a natural invitation for us to stop at a coffee shop and chat, or perhaps decide to take Ray on a detour for some specific reason. Ray loves the lake so he provides us with many opportunities to really appreciate our lake shore.

Would things really be that much different without Ray? Technically, they would be different of course, but we used to walk down town, and go on bike rides together before Ray joined us so we have always had some appreciation of our area. So where am I going with this?

I went out with Ray this morning, to allow him to do whatever he needed to do before his breakfast. When we came back inside and I started to get his breakfast ready for him, he started leaping around in circles. He was so excited. He probably does that most mornings…. but I noticed it this morning and what a joy to see such a big, happy, excited dog!

I must try and remember to watch him tomorrow morning because being witness to such pleasure and excitement is a wonderful way to start a day. I have assumed for a long time now that Ray is happy here, but an assumption pales by comparison to actually witnessing his happiness.

Food for thought!

14 thoughts on “Assumptions… and Ray!

  1. I love this post. I walked around “town” the other day with Charlie (the puppy) and, besides the opportunities to stop and appreciate the little things I love about the funky place we live, ended up running into an old friend I hadn’t seen in forever! We spent a little while catching up, Charlie socialized, and he had an opportunity to learn about waiting for me to be ready. It was awesome.

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  2. Yet one more thing that Ray can help teach us! Stopping to smell the roses can be so beneficial in so many ways.
    Good post! Did you remember to watch him this morning exhibiting his pleasure and excitement? πŸ™‚

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  3. Since my eldest son told me that ‘assuming’ can make asses of us I have been careful not to make assumptions!! In this life one can never be too sure how things are going to pan out!

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  4. So true! We have a family reunion every year and we always assume everyone will be there. We’ve had cancer diagnoses and the elders are in their upper 80s. This year we are doing it in September and I want a family photograph. The last one we took was at least 5 years ago. We may not all be here next year and I want to document for memories. I recently posted about my mother’s chest and I have such regret that I didn’t take pictures of all the rooms in her house before we dismantled and sold it. I would appreciate that now. I hope your daughter is doing well. Enjoy your visit! Hopefully Ray will survive without you.

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    • Hi Kate. I am sure that we are all guilty of taking things for granted, but we also have opportunities to remedy the situation or, if it is too late, to hopefully learn from it. As for Ray surviving? He will survive very well with Carol, but I will get such a vocal reception when I get back (based on last year’s experience! πŸ™‚

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