A Trail Walk!

Ray loves trails (no surprises there I guess!). He moves along at a very sedate pace, but his nose is working hard every inch of the way. I can imagine that a trail, in an area that is allowed to be relatively natural regarding trees and general ground cover, must present a smorgasbord of scents to stimulate his senses.

At the beginning of this week we took Ray on a trail that we particularly like, and our preferred access to it is a 10 minute drive away.  As soon as Ray got into the car he was excited, probably because wherever we go in the car, he usually ends up getting treats. Once the car was parked, Ray knew exactly where the trail entrance was and ensured that we didn’t miss it!

This particular area is really nice because it covers both sides of the river which eventually runs through our town and into L. Ontario. Here we are, after Ray had detoured off the trail because he wanted to be closer to the river!

We had a lovely time, and not only did Ray have a chance to splash around, but………… I’ll save that for another day. Perhaps you will be surprised… perhaps not!

14 thoughts on “A Trail Walk!

  1. “but…” Cliff hanger sentence: fill in the blank – 1, he made a friend; 2, he caught a fish; 3, he got scared of the water splashes; 4, he pulled you in to give you a chance to splash around, too!

    Lovely pics, Colin, the whole post made me smile – a great end to a long day! Thanks.

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