A Trail Walk (Conclusion)

As noted in the earlier Post, whereas Ray loves walking trails, he often takes us off the trail to explore other areas which, typically, are predominantly water. He then behaves like a “big kid” as he leaps around and clearly is having fun. Ironically, he gets distinctly uncomfortable once the water touches his stomach, but never hesitates to go in and just play.

We do have a long leash for him but, on this occasion, he was on his regular 6ft leash. This posed an obvious limitation on how far he could go into the river. Noting his excitement, and obvious anticipation,Β  together with his 4-leg power, … and it’s only water after all!

We did have fun!

I had an “interesting” walk back to the car, and heard distinct “squelching sounds” coming from my shoes… but who cares!Β  The clothes and the shoes will wash, and I can shower, so things will be back to normal(?) in no time! πŸ™‚


22 thoughts on “A Trail Walk (Conclusion)

  1. He looks like he’s having so much fun! I used to have a horse that loved to go into creeks. The problem was, once he got in there, he always buckled his knees and started to roll in the water, which was a problem because I was riding him at the time!

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  2. We live near a river. A neighbor dog (Husky) would jump in every time he went outside, no matter the season/temperature. My former dog (Retriever) followed him in the water once. Never did it again. You are a good dog dad !

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