Who nose?

I read a book, a few years ago now, which stated that a dog will go in whatever direction it’s nose is pointing.Β  Change the direction of its nose, and you’ll change the direction of the dog (the apparent basis for the “Gentle Leader” product).

Given the incredible scenting ability of an average canine, it should really be no surprise that its nose is a powerful driving force, and therefore will be a major influence on its activities. This can get a little challenging for us mere humans, especially with a Ray on the leash, at this time of year.

Because Ray has never seemed to have lost his scavenging habits, in that he will “vacuum up” anything remotely smelling like food, we have to continually focus on the ground a few feet in front of him and ensure that such “tasty morsels” stay out of his range! This is quite the task when we can see the ground … but with a layer of snow covering everything?

We are slowly learning the difference in his body language between “I must track this creature” or “Oh, a pee message” … from “Aha! There is food under here!”

Of course Ray, being the character that he is, often tries to confuse things for us. This photograph was taken in our back garden and, given the lack of food anticipated beneath the snow there, together with him being motionless for a few moments, we must assume that perhaps the sensation from burying one’s nose in snow was just too good to miss.

Perhaps I should try it and, who knows, I might even find a tasty morsel beneath the snow?

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  1. Tried that on Blue but he will change direction. But when we were little we had a dog who stayed outside and that was the case. Me and my brother would go outside and point the dog in each others direction and he would just come to us and keep going back and forth. We didn’t have a ball and glove to play with so this was our version of that. lol

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  2. When I used to live in Mid-west, my dog used to dive into the snow. He absolutely loved it. I don’t miss the mess he brought into the house, but the times were fun. Great picture with the noce in the snow!

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    • Come back tomorrow and you’ll see him after pulling his nose out of the snow! This is a very different dog to the frightened, withdrawn and totally anti-social “guy” that adopted me in March 2013. Ref. “Who Said I was up for Adoption?” (see over in right hand column)


    • It is interesting because he pushes his nose in, as if he is after something, but then suddenly goes motionless for a quite a few seconds. On Wednesday, I am planning on Posting a pic of him just after he pulls himself out of the snow!

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  3. Lassie loves putting her face in the snow.
    I think that you should try it! Every day is a day to learn something new, here is your chance. Just please make sure Carol takes a picture of it when you do. It would make a great post. πŸ™‚

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