To be cool!!!

Ray has never been a “high energy” dog. Perhaps his Rottweiler genes  have contributed to that, or perhaps simply having a thick fur double coat in our hot and humid Summers is the cause. Given that he had Stage 2 Heart-worm  when we adopted him, perhaps there is some residual internal organ damage from that period in his life that makes vigorous activity unpleasant in some  manner. I don’t suppose that being on prozak-type meds is helping either!

Like life in general, it is so often unrealistic to pin an incident or condition down to a single event. Circumstances are generally more complex than that and, in this Ray situation, the cause could be any one, or all, of the suggestions noted.

What we do know is that heat is certainly a factor. Our temperatures are falling now; the resulting humidity is of little consequence, and he is a lot happier on his walks.

He is even happier if his walk takes him to the lake, or to a creek. Ray is an interesting dog because he has no interest in a child’s wading pool, and will avoid puddles. Trying to get him outside to “do his business” when it is raining, is a major coaxing job … and yet he will exert all the muscle he has to walk into Lake Ontario, or to splash around in a creek! Rotti genes again perhaps?

While we are pleased to be out of the heat and humidity, we are really not quite ready to welcome the snow just yet but, in reality, it is not that far away. Ray, in contrast, will probably be ecstatic when he sees a white blanket covering our back garden, and we will look forward to seeing him chase down his tennis balls again. Before all that happens, I will be  raking up leaves into large piles, and then watch Ray leap in and out of them!

Yes … I am pleased to see the heat and humidity go away, but I am also excited about the Fall and the Winter. We have a wonderfully varied climate here, and watching Ray adjust to it is both fascinating and just plain fun!

I think Ray would agree that, in general. it is good to be cool!!!

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  1. Collin, Something is blocking me from “liking” your posts, and I don’t know if the comments I am writing on each one about Ray are getting through or not. Just know that I AM still following and enjoying your blog more than ever. We are praying in our children’s class Sunday for your daughter , for her continued improvement and for strength. God bless you both. Rae ________________________________

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  2. I dressed for October Sunday, the 7th, but walked out the door to be met by August heat and humidity, 80 degrees at 8:45 in the morning. I nearly sweated some pounds off as I worked with the children in Sunday School. By the way, they are praying for your daughter’s continued improvement and additional strength.


    • Hi Rae. This Comment appeared to have by-passed my email program somehow and went directly into WordPress! Of course this aging brain may have unknowingly contributed. Regardless, we too had a return of the high heat and humidity … much to Ray’s displeasure. From today, we are told that our weather will slowly return to our typical mid October stuff! Our snow is no doubt not too far away. Please advise all concerned that Melanie is doing quite well. There is little she can do about the residual and ongoing effects of the radiation treatment, but she is a “trooper”! I know she gets disheartened at times so prayer support is really appreciated. 🙂

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  3. Ray’s not much different than most of us. Do you avoid the rain or a puddle in road, but love to swim at the beach or in a pool? Have you ever ridden a horse in the sprig, fresh out of the barn after a hard winter? That’s your Ray in the fall/winter!

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  4. We all have our preferred weather and temperatures. Ray likes it cooler and Little Monkey soaks up the sun. The other day was cool and dreary – for here – and LM put herself to bed in the kitchen, sulking till the sun should show itself again!
    Fortunately, as you say, the seasons change and we all get to enjoy our favourite weather.
    I look forward to photos of Ray in the snow, in due course. 🙂

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