A Fall Walk!

The pics on Monday’s Post were taken on our journey home after a long trail walk, but today’s pic was taken during that walk. We had stopped to admire the tree lined trail, and all the trees surrounding us, and decided that it was an opportunity that could not be missed.

Soon everywhere will be white, which will be beautiful. That will be followed by so much new growth, which will be exhilarating. Soon after that we will have a pretty dense overhead canopy of green, which will eventually be followed once again by the browns, reds and golds of fall. One just has to love the variety of four distinct seasons!

30 thoughts on “A Fall Walk!

  1. A lovely picture. I agree there is beauty in each season. I really do want to live at the beach, but I also want to be close enough to the woods to take a walk when I want to and admire the trees. Plus I want to be by the beach, but it can’t be too far down South, for I want to be able to still gaze at the beauty of the sparkling snow.
    I know, I’m hard to please! 🙂

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  2. I envy you your forest walk Colin. There are none locally, though we have found a rather nice picnic area just outside of Louth which is surrounded by trees. We miss the plantation where we used to go every day when we were in the cottage, but that is now some 40 miles away rather than 8. Lovely Autumn picture. Will you be able to go back and take one when it’s covered in snow?

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