Good grass!

Ray has not been particularly active this past summer. I am guessing that having a thick double-coat in hot and humid conditions is a significant factor. Who knows what impact his tumor had on him earlier and, of course, he is not getting any younger. In fact it seems incredible that in the seemingly brief time that he has lived with us, he has goneΒ  from teenager … to “early” senior!

However, we did recently have a slight drop in temperature and so took him to a nearby conservation area. He had a great time exploring all the newΒ  scents, and taking us to the river!

He had a brief splash around, but was generally more interested in eating the good riverside grass! Such simple pleasures. We humans can learn so much from our canine friends Simple pleasures that is … not eating good grass!)!

If you are interested in Ray’s history, please click the link below. All profits from sales will go to the Oakville & Milton Humane Society (our local), being the organization that rescued him.

24 thoughts on “Good grass!

  1. Ahh! The simple pleasures, like listening to a street musician on a nice summer’s day, a walk in the park, or just sitting and chatting. Yes, I will pass on eating grass though, even a fluffer nutter sandwich is tastier than that, right? πŸ™‚

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