A 2020 Dog Lover’s Treat!

If you are a dog lover, or have a friend or two who are dog lovers, then treat yourself, and them, to my book about Ray!

Unlike so many books about dogs, not only is he still alive at the end … but he is still alive at the time of writing this Post!

Ray is now “Mr. Sociable” and will invite attention from most people he meets, but he was not always like that. Whatever happened in his early years made him fearful of people and other dogs, and his way of dealing with it was to lunge and bark to make “the problem” go away. He also displayed startle response (as I found out the hard way), and his first medical examination determined a Stage 2 Heart-Worm condition. He jumped off a viewing platform which overlooked a river around 100ft below us and …..! Let me just say that he was a challenging addition to our home.

All the details, and how they were addressed, are in the book. Ray had to wear a muzzle for quite a while when out but it had little to do with him biting! The reasoning (so logical when someone explains it to you) is in the book!

All profits from book sales will go to the Oakville & Milton Humane Society, being the organization that rescued him, and put much time and effort into making him a potential adoption candidate.

There are many book reviews on amazon.com, and the book is available from any on-line book retailers in eBook, paperback and hard cover formats.

So … If you are a dog lover, or have a friend or two who are dog lovers, then treat yourself, and them, to my book about Ray!

25 thoughts on “A 2020 Dog Lover’s Treat!

  1. Smiles for a dog who chose to risk adopting a human when some had been let him down so badly – and for the human who realize he was getting more than he ever expected – and both are so grateful for the other. Sometimes creatures find themselves right where they should be and with those destined.
    Great story

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  2. Hi Colin, I just bought your book for Kindle now. I like real books, but I will soon have my next move and I have more than enough to move with.
    I hope to be able to learn new and get some ideas for my Odin too, as they look very alike of races.

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    • Ray was assessed as probably Shepherd/Lab mix. We had his DNA checked and his primary breed is Shepherd, with a secondary breed of Rottweiler, and nothing else! We are guessing that he was bred for a purpose which didn’t quite work out as expected, so they abandoned him. As for ideas for Odin? Ray had so many issues for which we involved trainers and a canine psychologist. They were all well worth the expense given the insights that were given to us, and much of that is in the book. It also made me realize that, contrary to what so many people seem to think, training a dog is absolutely not intuitive.

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      • Odin’s mother is pure breed German Shepherd and the father, the people told me, was a Labrador. I have never seen a black Labrador with white feet and some white other places too, which I told them. I got Odin as only 6 weeks old, as they said, the mother didn’t have more interesting in the puppies that time. I sat and asked the dogs, if they agreed, that I could choose one of their puppies and I was allowed without problems.
        I think, they might have been breed for other things, but I don’t know. Odin looks more like a mix of German Shepherd and Rottweiler. Tall as his father, the mother was little, and big of front body. The behind not so much, which I found out about two years ago why. He has Dysplasia and receive supplements and medications for that daily together with good healthy food. He will be 7 years old this month and marked of his illness.
        I have had and do still have challenges with his training by many reasons.

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