Gotta Luv Lululemon!

Those of you who have been following the exploits of Ray and I will already know that one of his favorite places to visit downtown is the Lululemon store*. He has been there many times now and appears to be quite comfortable going in and waiting near their biscuit bowl for his treats.

Although he used to be very cautious, and tensed up when anybody came close to him, he was generally less stressed by women who approached than by men. We can only assume that something in his history dictated significant reservations about men. The staff at our Lululemon store were almost all young women so we took advantage of his “preference” and used them to train him.

Just recently we were in there again and the store was not very busy. Many of the staff now know him by sight, and some even by name, so there was an almost constant stream of attention. As soon as one young woman had said “Hi Ray” or “Hi Puppy” and stroked him, another one appeared from somewhere and wanted to do the same. He must have been admired, and touched, by half a dozen or so young women during his time there.

We are under no illusions that it was the biscuit bowl that was keeping him there however, he did a great job of accepting the constant attention. A year ago this would not have been likely. Two years ago it would have been quite impossible! Come to think of it, I had to tread very carefully with him myself two years ago!

Perseverance, professional guidance, and a dog willing to adapt in order to please (and get treats!) …. what a combination!

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10 thoughts on “Gotta Luv Lululemon!

  1. We rescued our two dogs and they turned out to be the best dogs ever. Nikita came from a litter of seven pups and after they were born, their Mom was poisoned with anti-freeze and the pups were left to fend for theirself until the APL was called in to rescue them. Then our little girl Bella was found on the streets of Cleveland as someone just threw her out to fend for herself at the age of one month. I can’t believe what people do to pets, it’s a shame. But I know these two dogs have the best forever home with lots of love now. Taking in a dog with baggage, is worth it, because you know that through love and affection, they will be ok and safe. Thanks for saving Ray. I know he appreciates you!

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    • Love to hear stories like yours. Our culture does appear to have a strong component of animals being considered nothing more than potentially useful commodities. When the usefulness/novelty wears off, they become no different than garbage tossed out on the side of a road. How those people can live with their conscience is beyond my understanding. I think you may find the next Post (Feb 16) interesting and, hopefully, thought provoking.

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      • Oh Colin, I agree with you. That is why, when we rescued Nikita back in 2010, we felt the need to GIVE BACK to the APL who rescued her. Each and every year we participate in their annual Pledge For Pets Fundraiser and we help collect the much needed funds to help those animals in need. It will be our fifth year participating (watch for upcoming posts about it in March) and we have done such a great job getting everyone involved. We get nothing out of doing this either (because some people have asked “what do you get?”), the only thing we get is satisfaction of knowing we helped a lot of animals who need us!

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        • I have had a number of volunteer commitments over the years, and over a broad range of services. One thing they all had in common was the “satisfaction” that you mentioned. What could possibly be better than knowing that in some tangible way you have made a difference, and just because you wanted to! In a world that is seemingly driven by money, volunteerism is priceless.

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          • I agree Colin. The satisfaction of of knowing you helped feed an animal, give it shelter, or surgery is really rewarding in itself. I used to dog sit for a neighbor, and I saved all of my dog sitting money and donated it all to the APL for the Pledge For Pets fundraiser under both Nikita and Bella’s name.

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  2. I think you are a saint for taking Ray in and helping him understand he is going to be forever surrounded by love and bisquits! Glad you have some help from a wonderful, local business.

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    • “Saint” is a bit of a stretch, but your sentiments are appreciated! It must be remembered that although I was intending to adopt a dog, Ray made all the right “moves” to speed up the process and ensure that the final decision was in his favor. (See About Me page and “Big Brown Eyes” Jan 27) 🙂

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  3. Ray had so much “baggage” – fear of people, dogs, sticks. children, loud noises. If woken up he went into aggressive defense mode (scary – I know from experience!). Two years of TLC can make so much difference. It is a long haul …………. but the results are so worth it!

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  4. My GSD was nervy around men in white coats. I reckon either a vet or butcher had possibly frightened or hurt her and it took a few years to get her comfortable around a man wearing anything white.
    It was worth it though, and although I lost her to cancer at 10 on 1990, I know she had five good years with me.

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