Let Sleeping Dogs … Part III

Ray has a rectangular cushioned bed in the end of our kitchen which he uses most nights and sometimes during the day. He could curl up on it quite easily, if he wanted to, but he often chooses not to. Instead he stretches out to his full length which dictates part of him is off the bed.

I shake my head whenever I see him there with his head on the hardwood floor!

He also has a circular bed, and it took him a few weeks to master the art of curling up in the middle of it. Invariably some part of him would be on the floor. While he has now mastered the circular bed, there are times when he simply will not curl up on it!

2013 03 17 15

 He has a cushioned bed fitted into his den (crate). Again he tends to stretch out such that his head is often resting across the steel bar that forms the bottom frame of the entrance.

Of course he is not averse to a real bed occasionally!

2014 05 24cI guess he is very fortunate to have all these choices, but clearly there are strategic decisions being made at least with his location, and perhaps even with his chilling out position.

When he is laying down but awake, it is interesting to see that he tracks every movement with his eyes only. He rarely moves his head! His resting positions may well therefore be a result of answers to “What can I see from here? “, “Can I get up fast if necessary?  or “Is their/there (both could apply!) food close by?  He really is an interesting “guy”!

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23 thoughts on “Let Sleeping Dogs … Part III

  1. 😀 I also tried to work that one out. Genis has very short legs and a very large tummy. He also sleeps with his eyelids half closed only. And he snores. Watching him sleep is very entertaining – Genis’s mom.

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  2. Nope, can’t help you there. I sleep in one position only: on my back with my legs stretched straight up. Mom says it may have something to do with the fact that I am as round as a ball and curling up is not an option. 😛

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  3. The first photo is our dog Bella all the way! I made her a super nice comfy pet bed that is more than big enough for her, but she always wants to “hang off” the end with her head on the wood floor. That position always looks so uncomfortable, but she always sleeps this way, so it must appeal to her in some sort of weird way to us humans.

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  4. LOL it seems the bigger the dog the more they take up the art of unnatural sleeping/ resting positions, yet one tiny rustle of a treat bag (mine or his) and lo and behold Oscar can make his way to my side in record breaking time

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  5. Same here…Doc gets in the cats beds..Forrest (at a much bigger size) gets I the cats beds..and when they are in their beds..either the lounge room beds or outside beds..head is on the wooden floor..or on the ground…go figure..i wonder if they just like to hear the vibrations on the floor and know who is moving around 🙂 Ray sure looks like he could care less..and if he is like the boys here you HEAR their heads hit the floor..or in winter the hearth around the fireplace…yikes!

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  6. Has he adopted the ‘I can’t see you so you can’t see me’ yet? This is usually when the head is under a cushion/bed/chair, and the rest of the body is in plain sight. It used to be one of Barney’s favourites!
    It’s wonderful the positions they get themselves in, which is obviously comfortable to them but if we humans tried it, would prove almost impossible. Very relaxing to see a dog in sleep. Hugs to Ray.

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    • Interesting comment because, while Ray does not bury his head, my daughter used to do a similar move when she was small. If she was being reprimanded, she would just stand there and cover up her eyes! In other situations she would use the same tactic but make it quite clear with “You can’t see me!”

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