Snowdog Ray!

Ray always looks “interesting” when he has been out in the snow! The pic below was taken a few moments after Monday’s pic.

Knowing how much he appears to love the snow, opens up a whole new area of speculation regarding his lethargy in the summer months!

A “bit” of an update***: For those of you who followed our “adventures” with Ray waking us up at all hours of the night, we are still working on it … and do not seem to be any closer to an explanation. We have seen tracks of small animals (there are no secrets after an overnight snow fall!), across our back garden; we have noticed a distinct odor of skunk regularly in the early hours; we know we have foxes and coyotes in the area, and yesterday Ray took a strong exception to a cat walking down our driveway.

At 4:00am this morning, all he seemed to want was some company! Every time we think that we are getting close to an answer, he does something which complicates things further!

***Ref. Posts “The first bit”, “A ‘bit’ more” and “The final bit.”

36 thoughts on “Snowdog Ray!

    • We also have his natural cycle of things in mind as well! It was interesting this morning that as soon as I got up (around 5:15am), he immediately curled up on his bed and went to sleep! I could well imagine “Thank goodness you are up. Now I can get some rest!” Perhaps he is guarding us during the night?

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        • Our snow is just starting to accumulate and, assuming a normal winter, will keep accumulating until possibly April … so Ray will be happy! We have had snow at Easter…. and also had a heat wave at Easter! Being so close to the lake (Ontario) apparently impacts our weather.A very strange climate! πŸ™‚


  1. Just like some people prefer the cold, he seems to prefer it too. Since he had to survive on his own in his early years, he is prepared for it. As for the other, maybe he’s a night owl? Although you would have known this earlier.

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