Adopting Ray?

We often stop and chat with other dog owners when out with Ray on his walks. The conversations typically revolve around age and the dog’s background, and it is surprising how often we meet another “rescued” dog!

Sometimes I am asked how Ray and I met, or what made me decide to adopt him. I immediately relate the story that, contrary to what most people assume, Ray in fact adopted me. This was covered in a post well over 2 years ago, and is linked below.

For more details of my adoption; Ray’s decision to jump off an observation platform high over a ravine; his battle with heart-worm; his transformation from being afraid of people and dogs to being Mr Social, and so many other stories, please treat yourself (or a dog lover in your life) to my book about him and I – “Who Said I was up for Adoption?”.Β  It is available in eBook, paperback and hard cover formats from all the usual on-line book retailers. Click the book cover over in the right column (may have to scroll) for more information.

“Really … who wouldn’t adopt me?

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