The Food Chain!

This past Sunday morning started off as routine. I leashed Ray and took him outside into our back garden just after 7:30am so he could take care of “needs” before I gave him his breakfast.

(He is always leashed when he goes out but, if the garden is clear of potential problems, then I let him off so he can wander around at will and sniff along the base of the fence and anything else that gets his attention. He has been “skunked” once, which is why these precautionary measures started, and we now have foxes and coyotes behaving like rival gangs as they both want to own the area! Better safe than sorry!) Continue reading

Another Ray “Trophy”?

Carol let Ray out this morning (Jan 13) so that he could complete his pee ’n’ poop routine. I generally take care of the “front end” as I am up and moving before Carol. That gives her the honor of taking care of the “rear end”! Continue reading