Remember Ray?

I thought “Remember Ray” a good subject line because you haven’t heard much about him recently (apart from his surgery). Come to think of it, you haven’t heard much from me in general!

This Summer was flagged as the time to get a lot of outside work done, most of which involves painting. In our house style, that is a total exterior house paint job (no bricks in the construction!) and therein has been a problem. If I follow the instructions on the cans, the paint needs up to 16 hours to totally dry, and the temperature must not exceed 32C during that time.

We have had a bit of an unusual Summer, with temperatures closing 32C on  a regular basis however, our main challenge has been a south facing wall and windows … with direct sunlight for most of the day. Our thermometer only reads up to 50C (122F), and it’s needle went off the scale on a regular basis. The end result was that we had to work around it as best we could.  Even painting in the evening was problematic simply because of the fading light, and we still needed that 16 hours for the paint to cure properly. Mix some valuable Ray walk time, together with all the routine day to day chores, and time for painting etc. is vastly reduced. We are making progress however!

Remember Ray? This post was supposed to be about Ray!

Yesterday we walked Ray to our downtown area where he had his usual treats from the Royal Bank, Lululemon, and where he  stopped and looked in at any other  store that he thought had friendly staff. We even stopped for lunch at a cafe which had an outdoor patio (means Ray was welcome).

On the way home from there, Ray suddenly stopped and started licking his front left paw. I had the leash at the time so Carol quickly had a look to see what he was doing, but could find nothing of interest. Perhaps he felt it needed a wash? As soon as we tried to start walking, Ray lifted that paw off the ground and was not going anywhere. Another look for something in a pad, or between the pads revealed nothing. A massage of his leg did seem to help as he started moving again but, after a few steps, the left front paw was up in the air once more.

Our home is a 10 minute brisk walk from where we were, so Carol sat down with Ray while I walked home to get the car.  I was wondering how he would feel about jumping up and in, but I had a plan!

Ray while waiting for me to return

Once I arrived back where Carol and Ray were sitting, Carol brought Ray over to “his” door, which I had just opened. When Ray looked at the open door, I threw a Greenie onto the back seat … and Ray was in!

What was the problem? We really don’t know, but it does not seem to be bothering him today.

35 thoughts on “Remember Ray?

  1. Poor Ray, getting old is not for the faint of heart…as I well know! But then again, as my Gram often said : “It beats the alternative!” Ray does look quite content and noble in the photo, it is so nice to see him again! Hope his paw continues to be without problems, he’s had more than his share this year. As my shadow is not here, Ray will have to be content with a kiss on his nose from me. Thank-you for the update!

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  2. Good, that Ray isn’t more hurt, Colin 🙂
    My Odin stepped in some glass in the Spring and got an open wound. I needed to clean and change bandage for a long while twice a day. I do my best to keep an eye, where he is walking, but small pieces of glass from thrown bottles are not always easy to see.

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  3. Clever dog, that Ray. And a good lesson here. I think I may try that one day, on one of the walks my wife and I take. But it won’t require a Greenie to get me to jump into the car.

    So has Ray made a full recovery from his cancer surgery?

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  4. Ahh, I missed seeing that handsome face!
    Glad he is OK now, maybe it was something microscopic that worked its way out of his paw. Or he could have just decided that it was time for his royal staff to bring his limo to him, and he even got a bonus …a treat with the limo ride. 🙂

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