The “Check” Routine.

When Ray adopted us back in March 2013 and subsequently moved in with us, he had a minor ear irritation which dictated administering a few drops of medication. The problem was resolved very quickly however, an insecure and reactive 75lb dog would not be my first choice of animal to work on (isn’t that why vets charge what they do???). Continue reading

Hey! How about dinner!

I understand that all dogs are routine oriented, and Ray certainly supports that apparent fact. He knows the daily routines and is much happier when his world performs as expected. There are occasions when we deliberately change our routines and Ray becomes confused. Continue reading

Hands Washed Anybody?

Ray has taken on the responsibility of washing our hands on a daily basis! He has done this in the past on isolated occasions and we just accepted it as a whim of the moment however, a regular washing routine started a couple of weeks ago. Continue reading

A trip to the Vets.

We will have to be taking Ray to NOAH* pretty soon as he will need a pre-heartworm prevention blood test and a general physical examination and, as it is our standard practice to take him there for “happy visits” prior to getting any medical attention from the staff, we duly made arrangements for a “happy visit”. Continue reading

The Night Shift!

Due to some ongoing sleep issues, I tend to wake up around 5:00am totally “wired”, so I boot up the computer and get some work done. As a result, I am usually in bed by 10:00pm however, Carol is usually awake for another hour or two and so gets Ray’s undivided attention! Continue reading

Ray and whales??????

Our home is a single level structure with a basement where Ray is prevented, by a gate, from exploring. It’s not that there is anything down there that is “dog sensitive”, but simply that his approach to going down a set of stairs is rather reckless. Continue reading