A Tale of a Tail!

There is a little dog, who shares his home with a variety of animals and birds and who has great dexterity with his paws such that he can apparently keyboard. In fact, he follows this blog regularly and occasionally dialogues with our Ray! Continue reading

Adapting a Toyota for Ray!

I could write a small book covering our exploits with finding a suitable traveling spot in the SUV for Ray. In a nutshell however, my SUV is an early Toyota RAV4 and the obvious place (at least to us) was to put him in the very back. He made it extremely clear that the idea was not going to work so his place then became the rear passenger seat. Continue reading

Remembering Clicker Training!

Clicker training is a way of teaching a dog to respond as desired, with the “click” being a very precise and “clean” sound which can be created very quickly to mark success to a vocal and/or body language instruction. The dog soon recognizes that a “click” means a reward is imminent, just as it recognizes that no “click” means something went wrong. Continue reading

Treats vs Loyalty?

When the three of us are out walking, Ray will often try and impact whatever route decisions need to be made and, in many cases, we let him. The walk is, after all, designed around his needs and if it wasn’t for Ray, would we be out walking this regularly? We do, however, sometimes have an agenda of our own which we fit in with Ray’s walk as best we can. Continue reading