“A Piece of Sky”

Yentl was a lovely movie, and the final scene in which Barbra Streisand sings to her father (who had passed away much earlier, but had encouraged her to follow her dreams even though they lived in a male dominant society)  is quite moving …. especially at the very end where those Streisand lungs prove their amazing capability! Continue reading


“Poor Man’s Moody Blues”

Another wonderful song and musical arrangement from the 1970’s (1977), this time by Barclay James Harvest. Those of you familiar with The Moody Blues album “Days of Future Passed”, and specifically the track “Nights in White Satin” will hear an immediate connection (beyond the title). Enjoy! Continue reading

“And you and I”

I have listened to Yes for many years now and, while I tend to have love/hate  relationships with their material, the “love” tracks are always quite absorbing. They recorded a number of lengthy tracks with included bridges and other rhythm change sections which I find really interesting. Whereas there are occasions when I am thinking “where on earth is this going”, they suddenly pull it all together and it makes sense! Continue reading

“Now We Are Free” .

I linked to a Lisa Gerrard recording on November 11,  2017**, and copied a comment about her style as ““She sings in a euphonic and emotional pseudo-language”. This is one of her more well known recordings, being a part of the “Gladiator” movie sound track. Enjoy. Continue reading