Ray … why you?

We have had a long spell of really hot and humid weather, such that we have tried to take Ray out for shorter walks than usual both in the morning and in the evening. He is not too enthusiastic about his walks in these conditions, but we can all benefit from the exercise! Continue reading

“I am your dog!”

I came across the text below a few days ago, and thought it very appropriate to share here. So often I hear about a dog who has obviously lost some of its appeal as a family member, or I see a dog being dragged along on its walk by its owner. To many people, it would seem that when the “cute puppy” grows up, it becomes little more than a liability and an inconvenience. The writing below is attributed to author J.D. Ellis Continue reading

To do … or not to do?

We have been gradually reducing the dosage of anxiety meds that Ray has been taking, and are now at the point where we must once again make the decision about whether to reduce him further … or not. Continue reading

Dog Walk Therapy!

I have seen a few people who do not seem to be enjoying their walk with their dog, but so many others clearly do enjoy that time with their furry friend. It crossed my mind the other day, while on a walk, just how therapeutic a dog walk can be. Continue reading

Animals for testing!

Monika’s Blog “Tails Around The Ranch” has today focused on companies that still test their product development on animals. I was not surprised that so many companies still do that, even though there has been some negative publicity these past few years on such practices. I am however, very surprised at the high-profile brands listed. Continue reading

Some things haven’t changed!

Below is a copy of a Post from April 2015. Reading that Post, and reflecting on Ray’s life journey with us, I had to conclude that the recipe for having a happy home with a dog in it, is no different now than what it was when I wrote that Post. Continue reading